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URGENT INFORM: GUILD Re-Posted Positions

NCAL Guild members,

The Guild has been informed of job notification failure by some Guild members and this was as a result of HR Connect implementation on 12/20/2020. The Guild has been working with the Employer to repost all of the positions since 12/20/2020 but the Employer's HR Connect is still not fully operational, specifically the Employer is unable to fully send job notifications to the Guild members who have registered to receive job notifications.

During this interim period prior to HR Connect becoming fully operational, the Employer will be notifying the Guild regarding reposting of these job postings which were posted since 12/20/2020. Upon notification from the Employer, the Guild will send the reposted job postings via mass email to NCAL Guild members. It is in your best interest that you actively search on Kaiser's job website if you are interested in bidding/transferring to job positions in your local facility or other Kaiser facilities before the HR Connect becomes fully operational. Also, you can send the following sample email to the local Employer in your respective local facilities or the local Employer in other facilities to exercise your Open Bid rights according to the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

I am exercising my Open Bid contractual rights stated in Paragraph 942 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, specifically I am notifying you that I am putting in my open bid for all job postings effective immediately.

942 Pharmacists shall be allowed to submit a request on a Transfer Request Form provided by the Employer for posted jobs. In addition, pharmacists shall be allowed to submit a request on an Open Bid Form provided by the Employer in anticipation of new job postings. Open bids will expire after 6 months.

Here is the link to first wave of reposted job postings

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