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Northern California Elected Representative Update

Northern California Kaiser Guild Members,


Following the recent election, Layla Rahimi, who was elected to the position of Northern California Representative, has informed us that she will not be assuming the role. In response to this vacancy, the Guild Executive Board (GEB) convened during the quarterly Executive Board Meeting on May 5, 2024, to address the matter.


After thorough deliberation, the GEB made the decision to appoint Heather Nguyen to fill the vacant Northern California Representative position. Heather, who was the runner-up in the election, brings invaluable experience to the role. Having previously served in this capacity for the last three years, we are confident that her dedication and expertise will continue to serve our members admirably.


In accordance with the Guild Constitution, this appointment aligns with our commitment to ensuring the smooth functioning of the Guild and effectively representing the interests of our members.

The 2024 Election Committee

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