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Update on COVID-19 Paid Leave

NCAL Guild members, Some of you may have received the following email below from the Employer. The Guild wants to inform you that the Covid-19 paid leave has been extended through 9/30/2021. In addition, the Child Grant has been extended to 6/5/2021. Most importantly, Guild members are eligible to receive Covid-19 paid leave for vaccine-related time off from work, specifically for the following conditions: You are attending a vaccine appointment or cannot work or telework due to vaccine-related side effects.

This means Guild members can request for retroactive Covid-19 paid leave relating to vaccinations if:

1. The vaccination appointment took place during scheduled work hours and Guild members had to use PTO (short term sick leave) to have the vaccinations 2. Guild members had to use PTO to recover from vaccine-related symptoms

If you took time off on or after January 1, 2021, for one of these reasons, you may ask your manager to have those hours recoded retroactively as COVID-19 paid leave, up to the benefit limits. You will need to complete an attestation and let your manager know to code these hours as COVID-19 paid leave (see attached attestation form).

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