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Strike Called Off 11/15/2021

We’re sorry about the lateness of this update.

We have been going back and forth with Kaiser for the last 13 hours and have come to an agreement to call off the strike. Very hard decisions had to be made. The package we place before you are the result of 5 months of negotiations, strike authorization votes, a 10-day strike notice, and negotiation meetings up until the last hour.

Offer Details:

· 3 Year Contract

o Year 1: 3% ATB

o Year 2: 2.5% ATB + 1.5% lump sum

o Year 3: 2% ATB + 2% lump sum

· Incentive Bonus Match Increased up to a Max of $3,000

· Defined Contribution Match Increased to 3%

· 22 Tentative Agreements

· Telecommuting Letter of Agreement

We will be providing details of the full proposal over the next couple of days. Then we will call for a ratification vote of accept or decline.

We told you that we would give you 12 hours notice of any strike cancellation. We have come to an agreement with Kaiser for your Monday shifts. If you did not receive this message before your shift started, please go in when you can. Don’t worry, you will still get paid for your full shift on Monday.

The Northern California Guild Negotiations Committee

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