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On Call pharmacist ALERT!

To all On Call pharmacists:

Kaiser Recruitment has chosen to use aspects of language in our contract to justify ignoring past precedent that considered On Call pharmacists ahead of external candidates for job bidding, even though On Calls don’t accrue seniority.

Kaiser had the opportunity in negotiations to accept Guild proposals to correct this situation and make clear the place of On Call pharmacists in job bidding. Kaiser attempted to use Guild efforts to rectify On Call bidding as quid pro quo to give managers ability to involuntarily reassign pharmacists to another pharmacy or clinic, something the Guild can’t accept. Kaiser can’t create a problem then tell the Guild that pharmacists have to make sacrifices to fix Kaiser’s problem.

Because of this the Guild wants you to know:

1. In job bidding you will be AT BEST equal to external candidates. 2. Under some circumstances external candidates can be awarded positions ahead of you.

Kaiser is using non-benefited pharmacists in excess of contract. Kaiser saves money doing this. Many of you want benefited positions and are working enough hours that Kaiser should be opening benefited positions. The Guild will be filing grievances in the near future to insure Kaiser is obligated to do so.

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