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New contract improvements start next year for Kaiser Northern California

Flexible Spending account rollover

As a result of contract improvements in our current contract you are now eligible to participate in a Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA) with carryover starting January 1, 2020. You should receive a letter via postal mail from Kaiser in confirmation as it wasn't part of their initial process documentation.

The carryover feature, up to $500 of your contributions that you don’t use one year will roll over to the next year.

If you wish to contribute to an FSA in 2020, you must make an election during open enrollment, now through November 1, 2019. Sign on to My HR at for details on the health care FSA and to enroll.

ROTH retirement options

Another contract improvement begins 2020, ROTH retirement options. Kaiser will establish a voluntary employee after-tax Roth contribution option and a Roth in-plan conversion option as plan features in the 401(k) Plan. There will be a separate enrollment period for this later in the year. Kaiser will be providing information on process details before enrollment. The Guild will also make the information available, once available.

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