Negotiations Update 6/22/18 - Tentative Agreement Reached!

The Guild For Professional Pharmacists (The Guild) and Kaiser Permanente have finally reached a tentative agreement, pending ratification by the membership.

There will be an email and post coming out soon with more details, but highlights include:

  • Across the board wage increases;

  • Increased differentials for the graveyard shift for the first time in 12 years;

  • Increased evening differentials;

  • First time ever addition of  a new weekend differential;

  • Lump sum bonuses for every year of the contract;

  • Two additional days of bereavement leave within the State of California, if traveling greater than 300 miles;

  • $500 rollover HRA;

  • The establishment of a voluntary after tax Roth contribution option and a Roth in-plan conversion option;

  • $3000 tuition reimbursement that can be used for courses to obtain or main licensure, degrees, and certification) and basic skills (e.g. second language classes);

  • Part timers working on a holiday will now get a full day of holiday pay; and

  • The addition of a Benefits by Design Voluntary Program that includes self-pay options of long-term care insurance, legal services, homeowners insurance, auto insurance, pet insurance, etc. This is to obtain the benefit of joining a group for group buying power - Kaiser does not pay for this.

~The Guild Negotiating Team

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