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Excess outpatient manager on line settlement

Kaiser NCAL outpatient managers have been systematically working multiple managers simultaneously performing bargaining unit work (pharmacist only work), predominantly DV, in violation of contract.

With your help providing information about these infractions your Guild has grieved and won a settlement compensating outpatient pharmacists for hours on which they could have bid. More than 700 outpatient pharmacists in affected outpatient pharmacies received more than $900 each in this paycheck.

In addition as part of the settlement we have negotiated recourse allowing the Guild to demand EPIMS dashboard data up to 4 times yearly if we receive information that more than one manager is performing DV or PV and the second manager engages in more than 4 EPIMS tasks per hour. If you notice the DV queue is being drained, and the manager in the pharmacy isn't doing it, please report this to the Guild. If there are two or more managers performing DV or PV or consult in your pharmacy please report it. Validated instances will result in further cash awards to pharmacists in affected pharmacies and corrective action for violating managers.

If you are not an outpatient pharmacist please be aware that restrictions on multiple managers performing bargaining unit work applies to all classifications. If you have multiple managers simultaneously, doing pharmacist only work, you should report this to the Guild.

Multiple managers working reduces available hours and indirectly reduces both availability of guaranteed PTO and PTO coverage. Managers treating pharmacist work as something to slam through as quickly as possible increases errors. Don't let it go unchallenged!

Happy New Year,

Howard Hertz

President, GFPP

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15 ene 2018

Great job, Howard!

For those of you who didn't receive the above 'Excess outpatient manager on line settlement' you may be coded under a different pay classification. I didn't receive the settlement fund and it was explained to me that this is because I work in Transitional Care (TCP), with the job code under inpatient despite the fact that I perform strictly outpatient discharge work. Per Howard's recommendations, I've brought this up to our APD and OPD without any action being taken.. I don't think anything can be done about this without the job reclassification? Just a data point for others who may be affected by this as well (there are two other coworkers under Transitions care which is al…

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