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COVID-19 Vaccination & Testing Mandates Update

Kaiser’s mandated Covid-19 vaccination and testing policies as of September 3, 2021, are as follows:

August 23, 2021: All employees must have submitted proof of vaccination or qualifying exemption (religious belief or medical condition).

o There was a large backlog of the validation of vaccine cards. However, the Employer has informed the Guild that they are almost caught up on the backlog.

August 24, 2021: Mandatory COVID-19 testing commenced for employees who are not vaccinated.

o The Guild is engaging with Kaiser to discuss the impacts of employees who refuse to test as the Employer plans to place the employee on a 48-hour unpaid leave with the intent to terminate if refusal persists.

o Kaiser COVID testing locations may vary from location to location as the local facilities have set up their own testing process. Check with your local manager for details.

o Employees may test outside of Kaiser if the testing site is approved by Kaiser and results are submitted to Kaiser within their specified time frame (typically within 48 hours)

September 30, 2021: All employees must be fully vaccinated or have a qualified exemption on file.

October 1, 2021: Employees who are not fully vaccinated or have a qualified exemption on file will be placed on an unpaid Leave of Absence until the employee provides proof of being fully vaccinated. Failure to provide proof of full vaccination or qualified exemption during the 60 days will result in termination from employment.

o The Employer has stated to the Guild that medical and dental will continue while on unpaid leave.

Pleas note: Kaiser will follow county-specific mandates if the county has stricter timelines and guidelines. Kaiser has agreed to update the Guild with any changes to their proposed plans our timelines.

If you are terminated for failure comply with testing requirements or vaccination(without an approved qualified exemption), you will be eligible for rehire if you comply with these mandates. However, HR will classify you as an external candidate for all positions. There is no guaranteed placement back into Kaiser or your formal role.

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