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COVID-19 Updates

Tomorrow, September 30, 2021, is the deadline for vaccination (if you do not have an approved exemption). For those wishing to come into compliance and avoid being put on unpaid leave, the Employer states that there is currently ample supply of the one-shot Janssen vaccine. Most of our membership has been vaccinated or has applied for an exemption; so, we are not likely to face sudden major staffing shortages of pharmacists come October 1, 2021.

The Guild met with Kaiser leadership today; here are the updates:

California COVID-19 Leave Benefits

  • Kaiser does not plan on extending these benefits beyond September 30, 2021

Religious Exemptions

  • Some of you may have noticed that HRconnect had a status of “denied” where you were previously “conditionally approved;” per Kaiser this was a glitch which was fixed this morning. You can go back into HRconnect and the status should now be correct. Of note, they stated that all emails you may have received are correct.

  • The Employer has given conditional approvals to all requests, even if not reviewed yet. Once your request has been reviewed, there is a possibility that KP will ask for more information or deny a request.

    • The Employer was not able to give names of those who have not been reviewed yet.

    • If a request is denied, the Employer will ask that member to come into compliance. The Guild has asked that the employee be given time to come into compliance before putting an employee on unpaid leave or terminating employment.

COVID-19 vaccination Boosters

  • California COVID-19 leave should cover adverse reaction from the booster shots. However, Kaiser COVID-19 adverse reaction leave does not yet cover such reactions per KP policy: Between August 23, 2021 and October 1, 2021 unvaccinated Workforce Members may take up to a maximum of 8 hours paid COVID Adverse Reaction Leave for each initial series dose if an employee has an adverse reaction, is unable to work, and provides confirmation of the adverse reaction from a physician.

· The Employer is currently reviewing how booster shots will be covered under Kaiser policy. The Guild has requested that recommended booster shots be completed on company time and that any adverse reactions be covered by the COVID-19 adverse reaction leave.

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