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Candidates for election 2021

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Elections 2021

These are the candidates for Guild offices to serve 2021 to 2024

You are encouraged to click on the candidate's name for supplied biography and information

At Large board members:

Clive Chou - Kaiser Northern California, Outpatient/Retail (incumbent) Gyu Julian Kim - CVS, Outpatient/Retail Heather Nguyen - Kaiser Northern California, Outpatient/Retail Jeff Worley - Kaiser Northern California, Amcare/Clinical (incumbent) LyLy Choy - Kaiser Northern California, Outpatient/Retail (incumbent) Mark Smith - Kaiser Northwest, Outpatient/Retail (incumbent) Siona Emerson - Kaiser Northern California, Amcare/Clinical Tanuja Naidu - Kaiser Northern California, Outpatient/Retail (incumbent) Yasir Riaz - Kaiser Northern California, Amcare/Clinical (incumbent)

The nominees for all offices other than Guild At Large board member are uncontested and automatically elected.

John Lee - President - Kaiser Northern California, Outpatient/Retail

Jocelyn Karyautomo - Vice President - Kaiser Northern California, Inpatient (incumbent)

Andy (Tin Wing) Wong - Secretary - Kaiser Northern California, Inpatient (incumbent)

Michael Chui - Treasurer - Kaiser Northern California, Inpatient (incumbent)

Sean Choi - CVS unit board member (incumbent)

Wendy Morimoto - Kaiser Northern California unit board member - Kaiser Northern California, Inpatient

Tracy Barton - Kaiser Northwest unit board member- Kaiser Northwest, Amcare/Clinical (incumbent)

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