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BEWARE-Kaiser made a huge payroll ​error

The amount of the lump sum in initial checks as viewed online was 10x too much.

The correct amount was 0.75%, equals about $1,290.90 at full time base rate without other earnings (OT, differentials,etc.). The amount paid was 7.5%, more than $10,000 over payment. 

[the lump sum calculation and eligibility rules are below and on page 111 of the contract]

The error has been corrected for all people on direct deposit. If you review online after today you will see, and your bank will receive, the correct deposit.

There are less than 40 people receiving paper checks. Those you will receive a second, paper check by pay day Friday 6/14/19. Kaiser has told the Guild they will be reaching out to those individuals via email and phone to warn them not to cash the first check.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CASH THE FIRST PAPER CHECK. You'll recognize it because it's for several times what you would normally receive.

Due to the large amount of over payment Kaiser has stopped payment on those checks. If you do try to cash it you may be charged fees by your bank. The Guild asserts that Kaiser is responsible for the fees but the inconvenience will still be yours.



6/1/2018 - 0.5%


6/1/2019 - 0.75%


6/1/2020 - 0.5%


*Lump Sum is based on eligible earnings during the preceding 26 pay periods.

Side Letter - Lump Sum Eligibility and Parameters

1 To be eligible for the Lump Sum, the Pharmacist must be active employee and member of the GUILD bargaining unit as of June 1st each year.

2 Additional Parameters Include:

a.         If the Pharmacist is out on an unpaid leave on June 1st, he or she is still eligible for the Lump Sum.

b.         If the Pharmacist transfers out of the bargaining unit prior to June 1st, he or she is not eligible for the Lump Sum.

c.         If the Pharmacist transfers into Management prior to June 1st, she or he is not eligible for the Lump Sum.

d          If the Pharmacist retires prior to June 1st, he or she is not eligible.

3 Eligible earnings will be calculated based on 26 PPs prior to June 1st Pay Period as follows:

a.         2018 Begins PP #12, May 28, 2017 –  Ends PP# 11, May 26, 2018

b.         2019 Begins PP #12, May 27, 2018 –  Ends PP# 11, May 25, 2019

c.         2020 Begins PP #12, May 26, 2019 –  Ends PP# 11, May 23, 2020

4 Eligible earnings include compensated hours inclusive of additional hours, overtime and shift premiums.

a. Excludes bonuses, incentives, lump sums and monetary benefits.

b. Only NCAL earnings will be considered.

5 Minimum payment.

c. The minimum amount eligible for payment is $25. If the Lump Sum payment is less than $25, the Pharmacist will not receive a payout.

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