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Update from ​NW Guild Leadership Team

Kaiser Not Providing the Information We Need to Protect Your Contract!

When an employer refuses to provide information that a union requests and that it is entitled to, the union can file a charge with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). As you recall, we had to file such a complaint during our last contract talks in order to obtain information we needed to represent you in bargaining.

The NLRB mediated a settlement agreement to that charge that required Kaiser to provide the requested information. Kaiser also put in writing they would not refuse to provide information in the future. As part of the settlement Kaiser had to post notices in the pharmacy as well as on their website:

Unfortunately, Kaiser is again refusing to provide information to which we are legally entitled and we have filed a new charge with the NLRB. This time Kaiser refused to provide information we need to 1) make sure the WIN building is safe for our members to work in and 2) ensure our retirees received the full retirement benefits outlined in our contract. This new charge is working its way through the NLRB process.

We would like Kaiser management to uphold their stated value of partnership by supply us with our requested information, of which we are legally entitled. Until that time, the Guild will continue to file NLRB charges every time Kaiser fails to meet their obligation. The Guild will continue to do what is required to protect your rights.

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