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The 2021-2024 contract is ratified

The results of the Tentative Agreement ratification voting are:

Yes 88.6%

No 11.4%

Abstain 3.7%

The contract is ratified and in effect through March 24, 2024. The Guild and CVS are pleased to reach a new contract. I want to thank the members of the CVS negotiating committee for their participation, effort, and time. Because of our efforts we got more than CVS wanted to give in tough times. I count that as a win.


Howard Hertz, Pharm.D.

retiring President, GFPP

From the new contract



Wage adjustments: a. The base rate for new employees shall be $60 per hour. b. For those employees with rates between the base rate and the top rate, the yearly increases shall be, as follows (increase/hr):

Year 1: 1.50% increase Year 2: 1.50% increase Year 3: 1.75% increase

c. For those employees who are at the top of the rate, the yearly increases shall be, as follow (new top rate):

Year 1: 0.50% ($74.77) Year 2: 1.00% ($75.52) Year 3: 1.25% ($76.46)

d. For those employees who are at the top rate, they shall receive a $1,000 lump sum payment each year they are at the top rate upon the anniversary of the contract renewal date.

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