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Paid opening and closing time

The Guild believes employers are responsible for time worked which includes opening and closing. Effective 9/29/2019 CVS will start paying Guild pharmacists and other exempt hourly employees for opening and closing task time.

Pharmacists who open the store or pharmacy to open/unlock the store or pharmacy, disarm the alarm, clock into the Point of Sale (POS), and to perform any related tasks; or close and do the reverse will be paid for time.

The POS system will ‘ask’ the employee if they are opening or closing. If the colleague replies “yes,” the system will automatically install a fixed period of time, 1 minute. Per CVS "CVS determined that typically, it takes 1 minute for store colleagues to open/close the front stores and pharmacies based on a variety of factors including a study performed by Industrial Engineers." However CVS has said they will accept whatever length of time required if it is longer. If the Store has unique requirements, CVS can address them.

We expect CVS to ask for justification for a longer time to open or close. Do not let the inconvenience of documentation deter you from claiming the time you deserve.

The Guild is working with CVS to establish a process to modify the standard time for stores that routinely require more time.

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