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Guild acting to protect pharmacists in time of emergency

​March 14, 2020

As we find ourselves in a national emergency, the Guild wants to keep you informed of the actions we are taking on your behalf to ensure your safety as you continue to care for our patients.

We have asked Kaiser management, repeatedly, to allow work to be performed remotely. We have drafted working documents for Kaiser NCAL region and submitted these to Kaiser pharmacy operations and legal departments where they have been rejected every time. We believe this is a reasonable request that follows national guidelines to decrease exposure and transmission of the COVID-19 virus. The Kaiser NW region currently allows work to be performed remotely and we have asked for an expansion of this practice to ensure a minimal impact to workflow.

The Guild is asking all employers to increase pharmacist staffing levels to meet higher demand and more difficult working conditions. Expecting Guild members to continue to process an ever increasing volume of work at current staffing levels is not a long term or short term sustainable solution. Under staffing increases errors and risks patient safety. We are asking employers to discuss and implement reasonable changes that recognize both the needs of the employer and the employee. Recognizing us as an equal partner and including us in planning is truly the best way to maximize patient outcomes.

The Guild is asking all employers to remove the requirement to use PTO prior to use of ESL/sick leave. Any impediment to sick pharmacists staying home is a risk to everyone.

We are putting the safety of you and your families first as we rise to this challenge. We will do our work diligently and efficiently as we always do. We will continue to ask all employers for practical alternatives that allow us to do our work and continue to provide the exceptional level of care our patients expect and deserve.

Please check the website for FAQs and the most recent KP policies, as we get them. We will update this page as new information arrives.

Your Guild will continue to act for your protection. Take care. Professionally yours, Your Guild Executive Board

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