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CVS Newsletter - September 1, 2021

The Guild is committed to making sure CVS provides the best working conditions possible for our members. Click Here to find our brand-new newsletter. This newsletter's purpose is to inform you of the ongoing ways we are working to better achieve our common goals.

Within you will find articles about:

  • Module Training Time - CVS is not scheduling uninterrupted and dedicated work time for pharmacists to complete required training modules.

  • Virtual Verification - The Guild is very concerned about the negative impact of this process on patient safety, workload, and workflow on pharmacists.

  • Uninterrupted Rest Breaks - CVS is not scheduling the two daily uninterrupted rest breaks for Guild pharmacists. This is in violation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and California State Law.

You can also find copies of this newsletter and other important updates on the Guild website. Member engagement is the key to our future success. Please contact the Guild with any problems you face in your pharmacy.

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