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CVS Information Bulletin: Virtual Verification

The Guild and the Employer addressed multiple problems and safety concerns with the Virtual Verification process and the Employer does not acknowledge or agree with the Guild regarding these problems and safety concerns raised by the Guild.

The Guild is informed that there is one open Board of Pharmacy investigation currently involving one of the SCAL CVS stores. The Board of Pharmacy (BOP) advises that in order to materially and substantively address this issue, BOP needs multiple CVS Guild members to report these problems and safety concerns and file complaints with the Board of Pharmacy (see link below).

Board of Pharmacy -

You can also report these problems and safety concerns to the Guild via email to the Guild office or by phone (see below) and the Guild will report your collective concerns to the BOP. The Guild is here to support CVS Guild members on the condition of employment, but CVS Guild members can only help each other and yourself as one collective unit by reporting this issue to the BOP and the Guild.

Office email:

Office Phone: 916-550-1119ffice:

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