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CVS Information Bulletin: Union Representation and Weingarten Rights

The current Guild representative leadership has encountered a major issue involving union representation and Weingarten Rights since May 2021 until now. This issue may have existed for prior to May 2021.

The Employer (especially CVS local Pharmacy Mangers and District Leaders) are not familiar or knowledgeable that CVS Guild members are entitled to have union representation and the Weingarten Rights as stated in the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) statues. If the Employer makes any allegations against CVS Guild member(s) or has any investigatory meetings which may lead to discipline, CVS Guild members are entitled to exercise their Weingarten Rights and have union representation in those two scenarios.

The Guild has discussed this issue with the Employer recently. The Employer’s position is that they don’t regularly have investigatory meetings when allegations are made against Guild members, the Employer simply gives the discipline to CVS Guild members without providing the Guild members (with their union representatives) to rebut or defend against the allegations. The Guild requested to Employer to consider having investigatory meetings where the Employer, the affected CVS Guild member(s), and the Guild to discuss and best address any issues, but the Employer refused the Guild’s suggestion.

With that being said, the Guild needs you to immediately notify the Guild via email or by phone (see below) if you were administered any discipline. Since May 2021, the Guild has been successful in leveraging the Employer to remove and dismiss multiple unjust and unwarranted disciplines (especially multiple discipline cases on metrics and quotas allegedly not meeting expectation) administered to CVS Guild members.

Office email:

Office Phone: 916-550-1119ffice:

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