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CVS Information Bulletin: Rest Breaks Not Taken

Full time CVS Guild members have given up and continue approximately 86.67 hours of paid time each calendar year by surrendering their two (2) 10 minute daily uninterrupted rest breaks to the Employer for numerous years. That is over two weeks of pay given up each calendar year.

The Guild and the Employer discussed this major widespread issue that the Employer is not scheduling the two daily uninterrupted rest breaks (at least 10 minutes for each breaking according to the Collective Bargaining Agreement) for CVS Guild pharmacists. This is in violation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) (see contract provision below on page 28 of the CBA), Federal Law, and California State Law which mandate two uninterrupted rest breaks for hourly employees.

The Employer agree with the Guild that the CVS Guild members are entitled to take their two daily uninterrupted rest breaks according to the CBA and State and Federal Laws. The Employer agrees that CVS Guild members shall communicate with their respective local Pharmacy Manager as to when the two rest breaks should be taken daily. If CVS Guild members request for their two rest breaks and are denied their rest breaks by the Employer, the Employer shall pay the CVS Guild members one-hour of straight time pay for any missed rest break(s). If the Employer continues to deny CVS Guild members their daily rest breaks, the Guild intends to file a class action lawsuit against the Employer.

Please contact the Guild Office via email or phone if you are denied your rest breaks.

Office email:

Office Phone: 916-550-1119ffice:

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