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CVS Information Bulletin: Discipline on Metrics and Quotas

Since May 2021, the Guild has been successful in defending and leveraging the Employer to remove and dismiss multiple disciplines against CVS Guild members on allegations of not meeting metrics or quotas.

Finally for all retail pharmacists in California (CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and etc.), two Senate Bills (which became in effect starting on January 1st, 2022) prohibit all retail pharmacy Employers from disciplining retail pharmacists on any allegations of not meeting metrics and quotas. These two Senate Bills became in effect as a result of numerous public complaints and outcry to the government and the Board of Pharmacy (BOP) against retail pharmacy Employers who focused only on their profits rather than patient safety and care.

Before these two Senate Bills became in effect, there were multiple Business Professional Codes (BPCs) stated in the Board of Pharmacy Laws to support retail pharmacists in ancillary help. Some of you may be familiar with the BPC which states “No Pharmacist Left Alone”. However, these BPCs were not effective in enforcement until the arrival of these two Senate Bills. Please click on the link below to review these two Senate Bills and BPCs.

The Guild communicated with BOP regarding the multiple disciplinary cases which involved the Employer administering severe discipline on allegations of not meeting metrics or quotas against CVS Guild members. BOP is in support of the Guild’s position that the Employer could not and should not discipline against any retail pharmacists on metrics and quotas. BOP encourages all retail pharmacists to report to BOP on violations of Senate Bill 362 and 1442 (listed above). BOP is the government entity responsible for enforcement of the two Senate Bills.

Substantiated violations for the 1st offense against the Employer is 1 million dollar fine to the Employer. The 2nd offense is revocation of the pharmacy license of the pharmacy which commissioned the violation.

If you received any discipline (on allegations of not meeting metrics or quotas) since 1/1/2022, please report to the Guild immediately.

Office email:

Office Phone: 916-550-1119


SB 362
Download PDF • 265KB


SB 1442
Download PDF • 200KB

Download PDF • 138KB

California Code of Regulations-Title 16 Section 1714.3
Download PDF • 130KB

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