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1000 Incentive to Inform Kaiser You Plan To Retire!

You have the right to choose when to inform Kaiser about your retirement date.   An employer cannot ask you your plans.  However,  an employer can offer to compensate you for sharing the information.

Because the organization is laser-focused on budgets, pharmacy operations has decided to offer a $1000 bonus to learn if there are folks planning to retire by January 31, 2020.    

If you have thought about retiring, and would like to learn more about this bonus, contact Tracy Barton at or to set up a meeting to review your options.

The deadline for informing Kaiser of your plans to retire to qualify for the bonus is October 30, 2019 at 5PM - -so don’t delay!

Kaiser is NOT paying the bonus for folks who plan to retire after January 30, 2020 - -so no need to inform your manager unless you will qualify for this bonus. 

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