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Happy National Pharmacists' Day 2021

The Guild for Professional Pharmacists, on behalf of myself and all the Guild officers and representatives want to salute all of our members on National Pharmacist Day 2021, January 12, 2021.

Pharmacists have always provided an essential service and in these extraordinary times your service is extraordinarily important. That service is acknowledged by the nation on this day. Pharmacists, all of us, please take a bow.

The Guild is committed to ensuring pharmacists are respected every day, especially by employers. The Guild will not let employers forget that service, especially in this most important year when all of the units the Guild represents are in contract renewal. Our efforts must be acknowledged in contract renewals in order to prove those pronouncements of respect are more than talk.

To remind employers takes all of our collective strength. When your employer acknowledges this day ask them to remember we are as essential to them as we are to the community. Your engagement with the Guild is also essential. In addition to the contract renewal for your unit, there is also a Guild election in three months, a once every three year event. Details on all will follow.

Over the next few months we will reach out to you with information and opportunities to become involved. We know there are Guild pharmacists that haven’t registered yet despite outreach. In order to reach everyone we need your help.

Ask your pharmacist coworkers if they received the email. If they didn’t then forward this email with the link or tell them to go to the Guild’s website at:

to register. We can't inform them if we can't reach them. They waste their voice. They waste their opportunity to vote.

Thank you again. Stand especially proud on this day.

Howard Hertz, Pharm.D. President

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