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The Guild is an organization of pharmacists working for pharmacists. The Guild is, we believe, one of the least costly pharmacist's union in the nation. The Guild Executive Board (GEB) works hard to minimize overhead and hold down dues. Guild dues are only 25% of what the UHW technicians and clerks pay. Guild dues are about 20% of the $175/month UNAC charges their pharmacists. Those other unions raise dues with every wage increase, the Guild hasn't.
The Guild provides the same representation and negotiation services other unions do - we just don't keep lawyers and lobbyists on salary, we hire them when needed. We have done consistently better in wage increases than UHW, SEIU, L29, and UNAC. The Guild works so efficiently because the Guild representatives are working pharmacists who work alongside you in pharmacies. They understand situations far better than a salaried non-pharmacist who has no idea about working in a pharmacy or even what pharmacists actually do.
  • Initiation fee: $300
    • If you were rehired by Kaiser and were previously a Guild member that has paid their initiation dues, you do not need to pay this again. However, Kaiser does not inform us of "rehire," so you MUST call the Guild if you get billed.
    • Kaiser Northwest Interns do not need to pay initiation fees until becoming a pharmacist. If you are charged, please contact the Guild office.
  • Dues:
    • Full time, Part Time, Short Hour members, Per Diem (aka On Call), this includes graduate interns (Kaiser Northern California only):
      • $40/mo (auto deductions). 
      • $120/3mo (if not on auto deductions).
    • Pharmacy Interns (This applies to Kaiser Northwest only)
      • $20​/mo (auto deductions)
      • $60/3mo (if not on auto deductions)**
*Must be paid within thirty (30) days of billing
Benefited Pharmacists
The preferred method for benefited pharmacists is to have your dues deducted directly from your paycheck. This helps to hold down the cost of dues administration & leaves you less to worry about each month.
To have your dues automatically deducted from your paycheck, please download & mail or fax this form: 
*Please note that deductions will not occur immediately, as there can be significant delays on the employer's part to initiate and complete the billing process. The Guild is not notified when automatic deductions are taken into effect. You are not confirmed to be on dues deduction until you see a deduction appear on your paycheck. Please continue to pay bills until you are confirmed to be on dues deduction.  If you have been double billed, please call the Guild office.
Per Diem, Short Hour, & Pharmacists Not On Automatic Deduction.
The Guild will send you a bill quarterly by USPS. Currently, bills can only be paid by check. Late fees may apply.
The Guild is looking into being able to take online payments, but that option is not available yet.

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